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Revisiting Ajanta was an explorative project to implement a Virtual Reality platform to explore heritage monument sites. In this project we have developed a framework for Mobile application and Virtual Reality platform that user can interact with to explore the UNESCO Heritage Site - Ajanta.

Virtual Reality Platform

We have developed a virtual reality platform that shows entire cave in 360 view on Tablet/Mobile Screens and VR headset. An interactive buttons on each painting will provide more visual details of particular part of the painting with reconstruction images and textual information. It also provides a layers of other information about Costumes, Jewelleries, Architecture of the cave etc. Our aim was to produce enormous off-site virtual reality experience of an Ajanta Caves.

  • User Exploring Final Virtual Reality application on Samsung Gear VR Headset

  • User Exploring Virtual Reality Prototype using Google Cardboard & Mobile App

  • User Exploring mobile-based Virtual Reality application

Application based platform

In our initial ideation process, we have focused on providing different possibilities for transference of up-to-date knowledge about Ajanta, in interactive ways for different domains: Education, Entertainment, Travel and Tourism

  • Layer 1: Show High Definition Pictures of the Paintings.

  • Layer 2: Show Reconstructed Line Drawings of the damaged part of the Frescos

  • Layer 3: Show textual descriptions/stories for each part of the Frescos

  • Inital concept to provide more conceptual details about Frescos using various intutive layers


This project was a collaborative research with Maharashtra Tourism and IIT Bomabay led by Pro. Sumant Rao at IDC School of Design, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay.